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About Bethel 25

Bethel Number 25 of Tucson, Arizona was founded on May 20, 1988. We began with 19 charter members, most of whom went on to become Honored Queens, Majority Members and Council Members. We have had 151 members total since our founding.

As part of our requirement to be a Bethel, we hold two meetings each month, except in July and the first half of August. Our meetings are held the first and third Saturdays at 10:00 am at Tucson Lodge Number 4 (located on Country Club at Prince). In these meetings we tend to business such as paying our bills and voting to do fundraisers, we also initiate new members, and elect new officers. While this is business, we do still have fun at these meetings.

We also have many fun events during each term as planned by the Honored Queen. In recent years we have gone on a hayride thru Winterhaven, travelled to the Renaissance Festival in Apache Junction, attended the Winter Formal dance in Phoenix, had pool parties, skating parties, slumber parties, gone bowling and picked pumpkins and apples at Apple Annie's in Wilcox.

Each January we travel to Prescott to take part in the annual two day State Bethel Campout. This is a fun camping trip where we meet other Job’s Daughters members from all across Arizona and participate in fun things like performing skits. Every June our State Bethel Retreat is held at various places in the state. This is a four day event where we compete in arts and crafts, quiz bowl (Jobie jeopardy), and we have a State Bethel Meeting where new state officers are chosen. Also every summer we have the opportunity to travel to our Supreme Session which is the International level convention held in various locations across the country. In recent years Supreme was held in Colorado Springs, St. Louis, Baltimore and Oakland and will be held in Seattle next year.

Of course, we cannot have fun without raising money to have that fun and pay our bills. Each year we participate in U of A Football concessions, hold car washes, bake sales, gift wrapping during the holidays, and we serve dinner and clean up at our host lodge on a rotating schedule.

Our Bethel Guardian Council is the adult part of our organization. In our Bethel we have a great group of adults who assist us in planning our events, make sure we have rides, and chaperone our activities. Currently, our council consists of six members, four of which were once members of Job's Daughters.

You are greatly encouraged to attend one of our fun events and get to know our members and adults. Your parents or guardians are also invited to attend. Please contact our Bethel Guardian at for more information.

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